Masheka Wood in BrooklynMasheka Wood is a freelance graphic designer, cartoonist, illustrator, digital colorist and lettering artist. Masheka has drawn for MTV, Geeks Who Drink, Punched in the Head Productions, Women’s eNews and the Covered blog, among other outlets. His art has been featured in the anthologies Black Comix: African American Independent Comics, Art & Culture and Graphic Classics #22: African-American Classics, as well as in the exhibitions “Out of Sequence” and “Other Heroes.”

His graphic design and digital coloring clients have included Cake Patterns, Cartoon Movement, Papercutz Graphic Novels and nationally syndicated cartoonists Keith Knight and Matt Bors.

Masheka was born in Virginia and raised in Boston. When his mom wasn’t looking, he spent his allowance on Mad Magazine, National Lampoon, Heavy Metal and Garbage Pail Kids. He currently resides in Brooklyn, NY with his wife, cartoonist Mikhaela Reid and their daughter Z.

He is available to draw and color cartoons, illustrations, lettering and logos or for freelance graphic design and print production/prepress work in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and PhotoShop.

Contact Masheka any time with your comments and commissions at masheka [at] gmail [dot] com.

P.S. His name rhymes with ‘eureka’.