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Flowers and Bors

Get Stephen Notley’s new Bob the Angry Flower collection How to Operate a Chair and help him celebrate 20 years of drawing psychotic flowers, fetuses, Daleks, stumps, Gunts and all sorts of death-rays and robotic mayhem.

Not only does this book have some of the funniest, smartest and sci-fi geekiest cartoons I’ve ever read, but it also features amazing Bob pinups by me, Keith Knight, Mikhaela Reid, Shannon Wheeler, Ruben Bolling and a bunch of other top comic and video game creators.

I’m also doing some stuff for my friend, awardwinning editorial cartoonist (and editor for Cartoon Movement) Matt Bors. In this case, “stuff” means laying flat color for cartoons like this, and this one here, and that one, and a bunch of others. Check them out!



Black Comix: The perfect gift for your comics-loving sweetheart.*

Get Black Comix: African American Independent Comics, Art and Culture from here ** or schlep your lazy ass to the nearest bookery (if they’re cool, they’ll have it). It’s 175 pages of hardcover goodness from, and about, some of the best artists out there.

And the best part is not only am I profiled in the book, but I have a little illo on the bottom left corner of the cover.

See the Black Comix blog for more info.

*Not recommended for lonely racists.

**although you won’t get it shipped by Valentine’s Day, it should arrive by February 19th for Valenteen’s Day, a holiday I just invented.

COVERED! Exhibit (Jan. 13 – Mar. 6, 2010)

Homage to Sensation Comics #109

Check out my version (top)¬†of Gil Kane’s cover to Sensation Comics #109. The original art and a color print are on exhibit (and for sale) at Headspace Gallery in Michigan’s Green Brain Comics (see press release below)


Green Brain Comics is proud to announce the opening of a new exhibit entitled COVERED on Wednesday, January 13th in the recently named HEADSPACE Gallery inside Green Brain Comics.

Inspired by a similar theme at the Covered blog ( HEADSPACE curator Dan Merritt has assembled several pieces by artists that have brought their own touch to famous, and infamous comic book covers from several different decades.

“The theme for this exhibit has really sparked a creative flame.” says Merritt “Each of these pieces has been lovingly recreated in tribute to the original art and the original artists that created them.”

Featured in the exhibit will be works from Michigan based comic creators Paul Sizer, Matt Feazell, and Sean Bieri. Joining them will be other well known local artists Eric Millikin, Jennifer Rose Evans, and Chris Houghton. The Covered exhibit also features new work by many others, including Bryan Durren, Heather Hansma, Lizz James, Jesse Hughes and a piece by Masheka Wood from New York.

The opening reception for the Covered exhibit will be on Wednesday January 13th from 7pm to 10 pm. And the art will be on view until Saturday March 6th.

HEADSPACE Gallery is inside Green Brain Comics which is located at 13210 Michigan Avenue in East Downtown Dearborn. More information is available at or by calling 313-582-9444