My ‘Best of 2014 so far’ list

10. sleeping late
9. the cup of coffee that woke up me brain
8. beatbox skills still awesome
7. significantly less zombies
6. brunch scotch
5. my black belt in ‘Sheek Fu’
4. guitar strummed
3. those mashed taters
2. kid too young to be embarrassed by my dancing
1. eyeballs didn’t freeze

SPX 2013 – Sept 14 & 15

Mikhaela and I (and the kid!) are going to be tabling at the 2013 Small Press Expo in Bethesda, Maryland on September 14 and 15. So if you’re in the D.C or anywhere near Maryland, stop by and say hi! Free mini-comic to anyone who brings me an unopened energy beverage.

More details this week until showtime this weekend!

COMIC-CON 2013!!

I’m flying out to San Diego for my very first San Diego Comic-Con. I’m excited because I can get my full, undiluted geek on while catching up with friends old and new.

By the way, I’m not tabling there (that won’t happen until SPX later this year). Just walking around looking at stuff and trying not to go broke or crazy from the sensory overload.

Philly this weekend!

This weekend, come see me at ECBACC 2013, May 18, 11am-7pm. 4548 Market St. at the Enterprise Center, Philadelphia PA.

Books, minis & other things! COMICS!! Afterwards, a cheese steak will be consumed somewhere.

COMING SOON: San Diego. North Bethesda.

Dollars & Sense cover

My cover for the latest issue of the lefty economics magazine Dollars & Sense. The editors wanted a parody of the recent Bloomberg Businessweek cover which sparked criticism last month by seemingly blaming the housing crisis on minorities.

Check out the original, my sketch and the final image below, then read Darwin Bondgraham’s great article on the real culprits.

Related Images:

Geeks Who Drink (and draw)

geekswhodrinkbannerSince last summer, I’ve been drawing cartoons (more specifically ‘visual rounds’) with my wife Mikhaela Reid for Geeks Who Drink, a company that hosts pub trivia quizzes in over 200 bars across the country, not to mention the incredibly popular annual Geek Bowl. Aah, the pub quiz. It combines three of my favorite things: beer, pop culture, and using my big sexy brain to answer pop culture trivia.

I’d show you an example of one of my cartoons, but it’s a quiz, dummy. You’ll just have to find one in a city near you.



Flowers and Bors

Get Stephen Notley’s new Bob the Angry Flower collection How to Operate a Chair and help him celebrate 20 years of drawing psychotic flowers, fetuses, Daleks, stumps, Gunts and all sorts of death-rays and robotic mayhem.

Not only does this book have some of the funniest, smartest and sci-fi geekiest cartoons I’ve ever read, but it also features amazing Bob pinups by me, Keith Knight, Mikhaela Reid, Shannon Wheeler, Ruben Bolling and a bunch of other top comic and video game creators.

I’m also doing some stuff for my friend, award-winning editorial cartoonist (and editor for Cartoon Movement) Matt Bors. In this case, “stuff” means laying flat color for cartoons like this, and this one here, and that one, and a bunch of others. Check them out!



Come see me tomorrow 2/18 in Harlem for Black Comic Book Day

This Saturday (2/18/12 @ 12 noon-3:30pm) I’m doing a signing with other contributors for African-American Classics (and a bunch of other great comic book writers and artists) at Hue-Man Bookstore & Cafe in Harlem for Black Comic Book Day.


Hue-Man Bookstore & Cafe
2319 Frederick Douglass Blvd.
(Between 124th and 125th Streets).
New York, NY 10027.
Tel: 212-665-7400
12 noon – 3:30 pm


I’ll be at the Brooklyn Book Festival in about…um, half an hour from the time I finish this post. It’s in and around Borough Hall Plaza on Sunday 9/18 from 10am-6pm.

See some of your favorite authors and cartoonists, like ME and Keith Knight. FOR FREEEEEE!!!

Go! Go right now!!

SPX 2011 (this weekend!!) and African-American Classics (12/11)

First, have a sneak peek at the first panel of my adaptation of ‘De Cunjah Man’ in African-American Classics: Graphic Classics Vol. 22 on sale December 2011.

De Cunjah Man preview

Preview of "De Cunjah Man" art from Graphic Classics #22

Aaaaaaaaand this weekend, September 10 & 11 in Bethesda, MD, I’ll be at the 2011 Small Press Expo peddling books with Jen Sorenson and hanging out with Keith Knight and other cartoonist pals.

Unfortunately my better half, Mikhaela Reid, can’t make it this year, so this will be my first convention without a buffer between my many neuroses and the public at large. Me nervous! Hope ya like sweaty handshakes and mumblecore!