SketchWood: Doodlehead


This is the image from my sketchbook that has been at the top of this site (in cropped form) for awhile. If you’ve seen the cover of my book Deep Doodle and happened to see my other sketchbooks, then you know that I draw a lot of intricate pictures like this. I don’t know if it’s indicative of the clutter I deal with inside and outside of my head or part of my obsessive-compulsiveness tendencies, but I do know that I like to draw weird little things crammed together in a tight space. Maybe that’s why I moved to New York.

I’m posting it now because I’m about to upload a buttload of images that have:

a) been on the site before but have been lost or purged when I was hacked months ago

b) have never been seen before.

One of those images will replace the one at the top very soon. Finally.