Deep Doodle Book CoverDeep Doodle: Cartoons by Masheka Wood

“Masheka Wood has powers way beyond mortal cartoonists. Get on his bandwagon now before there’s no room left.”—KEITH KNIGHT, creator of the K Chronicles and (th)ink

“Masheka Wood is an amazing draftsman and humorist and he’s just getting started… More proof that life isn’t fair.”
—TED RALL, creator of Search and Destroy, author of Silk Road to Ruin

Masheka Wood takes you deep into the warped, candy-colored recesses of his brain as he tackles a variety of social, political and just plain grody targets. Here are Wood’s “Not Just Knee Deep” cartoons, assorted illustrations and a delicious dose of old-school comics. Prepare to lose your mind—or your lunch!

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