Stuff Happening: ECBACC 2011 this Saturday

Forget the rapture!! On Saturday May 21, I’ll be in Philadelphia, PA at the Crowne Plaza Hotel for ECBACC 2011 (East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention) selling stuffed Doodles, the mini-comic ‘So You’ve Been Laid Off?!‘, copies of ‘Deep Doodle‘, Cartoon Rolodex originals (and premiering new unpublished cards).


Or maybe you’d like to buy a 2011 sampler of all my new and upcoming junk, including a sneak peek at ‘Wood’s Anatomy‘, my skewed take on the human body and all of its icky parts.

So come see me this weekend and give me your money* and attention!!

*Especially all of you Rapture-heads. I mean, whattaya gonna do with all your cash? Spend it in the Heaven gift shop? Might as well fork it over to me (I’m not going anywhere) and buy yourself a funnybook to read while you’re ‘ascending’.