Cartoon Rolodex: Tony the Tapeworm

Cartoon Rolodex: Mungo DeFarge

This is actually the first rolodex card I sketched on, but I couldn’t find it until recently. It makes me want to do a trading card series of CEOs. What kid wouldn’t want a card collection of chief executive officers?

Mungo DeFarge


Cartoon Rolodex: Xerxes, Brainzilla & Z.F.K.A.C.M

Sketching voodoo and changing doodoo (diapers) are my pastimes nowadays, but I can still find time to post these little doodle bastards on tiny cards from an antiquated office product.

And three this time! When it rains, it pours.


It’s a shame he’s about to be laid off, but times are tough on Uranus.


Not to be confused with Brainiac, Bridezilla, Godzilla, Godzookie or Mecha Godzookie.

Man, that’s one sexy ‘zilla…


Once you go zombie, you get your ass filed ‘z’.

Cartoon Rolodex: Monster Box

What’s in YOUR Monster Box?

(thanks to C-Po for this one)

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Cartoon Rolodex: Tinkles

Tinkles the Clown








He just wants to help.

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Cartoon Rolodex: HappyFace Hillman

Happyface Hillman








A character I came up with for a larger story about a group of giants who are part hillside. This one combines my fascination with body horror, eternal optimists and compound nouns.

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Cartoon Rolodex: The Doodlephant Man

Doodlephant Man








He is not an animal! He is a human be-… actually I don’t know what the hell he is.

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Cartoon Rolodex #1: Maze

One in a series.