Monster Reform

Another cover illustration for bi-monthly economics magazine Dollars & Sense based on Marianne Hill’s article on corporate reform (or lack thereof).

I love drawing monsters.

Dollars & Sense July/August 2014 cover

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Dollars & Sense cover

My cover for the latest issue of the lefty economics magazine Dollars & Sense. The editors wanted a parody of the recent Bloomberg Businessweek cover which sparked criticism last month by seemingly blaming the housing crisis on minorities.

Check out the original, my sketch and the final image below, then read Darwin Bondgraham’s great article on the real culprits.

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Sensation Comics cover homage

My Sensations/Fingers of Death illustration is featured in today’s Covered (an amazing site full of classic comic book covers interpreted by different artists).

And while you’re there, check out my latest favorites: these by Matthew Allison.

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