Speaking of Obama, long-time pal Marcus Bishop-Wright (previously seen in Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theatre, Late Night with Conan O’Brien and Chappelle’s Show) has a side gig portraying the Prez in a series of online sketches.

The most recent is a mash-up of Obama’s superstar status and  HBO’s stoner/Hollywood dude show ‘Entourage’.

Obama Sells Cars

Coming Soon: Stuff I’ve done (finally!) and stuff I’m about to do (guh?!)

Sexy Mechanical Voting Machine

Oh, Sexy Mechanical Voting Machine…

So much better than those hinky ‘lectronic thangs.

Your turgid red lever goes from left to right

Then back again.


Gonna vote in a new Funky President

Might not fix our stank economy

But he’ll look smooth trying.